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Using Best Friend Chat

How do i add phone number as a contact in best friend chat?

Adding your friends and family in best friend chat by invite their phone numbers for download best friend chat on App store makes it easy to stay in touch.You can add a phone number as a contact.Saved contacts appear in your contact list. You can send them SMS text messages voice messages video image for free using Wi fi or data.

Sign in to Best Friend Chat?

On your iPhone or iPod download best friend chat on app store

1.Sign in with your phone number verify your phone number when you first sign in by confirm your country code and your phone number click
” Next ” You will receive verification you not robot and code send to your phone message if you not get it try to click “Resend”
2.Enter the verification code you receive in a text message tap “Next” confirm number
3.You sign in to best friend chat


you can add photo to your profile account
you can change phone number
you can change black and white template
Notifications and Sounds set in App Preview, in App Sounds, in App Vibrate you can turn on and off
Privacy and Security You can Unlock with Face ID
Data and Storage You can clear Cache , Clear Temporary Docs and Data
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